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Advance Joining Pack Mondal PG


Shear Room Rate per month (Each Bed) :- 1000/-
*Bed fee (One time & Not refundable) :- 350/-
*Ceiling fan and light fees :- 450/-
Total :- 1750/-

*(One time & Not refundable)

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Mondal pg

Home Description and  Item Detail
Room Type –  Mess/ PG
Position – Floor Room
Sharing –  2 Persons
No. of Bed –  2
Door Single (South facing)
Window 3 Slide Single (North facing)
Light – 1 Tube light & 1 Bulb holder
Fan –  1 middle of the room
Bathroom –  1 for 3 Rooms
Meal Facilities-  Yes, available chargeable

Read carefully (this is the terms and condition for owner and tenant)

Electric bill: 

  1. Electric bill per month according to installed electrical meter reading individual room  
  2. Electric charge 10/- per unit
  3. the total electric bill will be divided equally each other 
  4. Baranda light electric bill charges as per meter reading
  5. If any one of your roommate is not stay  hole the(total) month then you have to pay
  6. pay the full electric bill

Damage fine: 

  1. 1   In the case if your bed gets damaged in anyhow then you have to pay 350/- again.
  2. 2.  If any glass of window damages by mistake or any reason then you have to pay for it.
  3. 3.  If any light bulb in your room damages then you have to pay repairing charges as well as technician charge.
  4. 4. We will never give you any ownership of the item but  You can use (bed, light, fan, sink, showcase, water dram, rack)  

Payments and Fines: 

  1. You have to pay monthly rent with electric bill within 5th date of a month. 
  2. If you delay to pay by 10 days then you have to pay late fine 10% of monthly rent.
  3.  We will give you a monthly payment chart for 24 month and the owner will sign every month on it after paying. If you lost it then you have to pay fine 20/-
  4.  Not Allow to delay your monthly payment more than 15th of a month.
  5.  pay your monthly rent by Cash or Internet Banking using webpg.in

Medical condition: 

  1. Please mention  if you have any medical problem and Concern to your Doctor 
  2.  We believe that you are mentally and physically fit.
  3.  In cause of any medical issue or your health problem occur during staying in this room we are not responsible.
  4.  For any medical emergency we assure you for first aid treatment.
  5.  We don’t provide any medical facility.

Leave or Resigned Terms: 

  1. If you want to leave the room please give a proper notice before 5 to 10 day of your leaving.
  2.  You have to mention the date when you want to leave the room.
  3. You must clear all charges or dues before leaving.
  4.  Use official whats app :- 8334006407 or Email:[email protected] or handwritten notice  with leaving date to giving proper leave notice , otherwise we could fine Rs.200/- for this reason.
  5.  If you want to join again then follow the process of joining again And Buy Advance Joining Pack Mondal PG .

Payment condition

Advance security Deposit  Nill/-
Room rent  per month (in advance) 1000/-
Bed fees  (one time not refundable) 350/-
Electricity charges per unit 10/-
Food per mill  40/-
Food advance ( refund able) Nill/-
Electric ceiling fan(one time not refundable) 450
Total (at the time of joining) 1750/-


  1. We will make your monthly bill at 1st date of the month.
  2. we will provide you monthly bill chart ,there will be mention 24 month list and the owner will sing every month on it, if you lost it you have to pay fine 50/-
  3. You cannot delay your monthly bill payment more than 20th of the month
  4. Pay your monthly bill within 1 to 5 day by cash or card or internet banking or paytm wallet

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Well maintained

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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