B Natural Guava Gush Juice 1 L


Made from real guavas

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B Natural Guava Gush Juice 1 L

Experience the unique combination of ripe and juicy Pink Guavas sourced from the tropical heartlands of Karnataka in B Natural Guava Gush Juice. What makes the experience even more nutritious and enjoyable is that B Natural Guava Gush Juice is made straight from the pulp of the most aromatic and juiciest Guavas, and not from any concentrate. Wrapped with the promise of B Natural and free from any synthetic preservatives or colours, B Natural Guava provides you with the goodness of having Pink Guava all year round! Go ahead, buy this product online now.
Brand B Natural
Manufacturer ITC Limited
Manufacturer Email [email protected]
Manufacturer Address Itc Quality Care Cell, P.O Box No.592, Bangalore-560005
Manufacturer Contact Number 1800 42544 4444
Country of Origin India
Food Type

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm


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