Dukes Masala Nibbles 150 g


Dukes Masala Nibbles are perfect for crunchy bite and tasty snack
Spicy, light and crispy

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Dukes Masala Nibbles 150 g

Immerse yourself in the crunchy taste of Dukes Masala Nibbles. It’s a perfect tea-time snack, but you can also have it to kill those boring hours while you are travelling in a train. It’s made from the finest quality of ingredients, its packaging ensures it remains fresh and crispy over a period of time. So, go ahead, buy Dukes Masala Nibbles online today!

Manufactured By:
Ravi Foods Pvt. Ltd, 785/2 786/2, Rangereddi, Telangana-577|7-4-112/1, Maduban Colony Road, Rangereddi, Telangana-5141

Customer Care Number & Email:
7893846784 [email protected]

Brand Dukes
Manufacturer Dukes Consumer Care Limited
Country of Origin India
Food Type

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm


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