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Electric bill Mondal PG

Electric bill: 

  1. Electric charge 12/- per unit
  2. Enter The total amount that you have to pay for Electric Unit


Electricity charges per unit 12/-
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Mondal pg

Electric bill: 

  1. Electric bill per month according to installed electrical meter reading individual room  
  2. Electric charge 12/- per unit
  3. the total electric bill will be divided equally each other 
  4. Baranda light electric bill charges as per meter reading
  5. If any one of your roommate is not stay  hole the(total) month then you have to pay
  6. pay the full electric bill

Payments and Fines: 

  1. You have to pay monthly rent with electric bill within 5th date of a month. 
  2. If you delay to pay by 10 days then you have to pay late fine 10% of monthly rent.
  3.  Not Allow to delay your monthly payment more than 15th of a month.
  4.  pay your monthly rent by Cash or UPI or Internet Banking using webpg.in
Electricity charges per unit 12/-


  1. We will make your monthly bill at 1st date of the month.
  2. we will provide you monthly bill chart ,there will be mention 24 month list and the owner will sing every month on it, if you lost it you have to pay fine 50/-
  3. You cannot delay your monthly bill payment more than 20th of the month
  4. Pay your monthly bill within 1 to 5 day by cash or card or internet banking or paytm walle


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